Filtered Water vs Tap Water – No

6 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Many people believe that there is a big difference between filtered tap water and bottled water.  I’m here to tell you that there really is not a difference.  I recently wrote an article on whether or not bottled water should be mandated to have the ingredients listed on the packaging.  I said no.  This topic is very similar to that topic.

Let’s take a major water bottling company.  Dasani for example, if you go on Dasani’s website, “,” they list their bottling and water purification process.  Dasani admits on their website that their water comes from the local water supply, which in some cases can be a large well pump, or it can come out of a reservoir.  Then, they run all the water through a high pressured filtration system, taking out all of the impurities, bad odors, and chlorine.  Next, they add all the right amounts of minerals for taste.  They then check and make sure all of the right amounts of minerals are added.  Lastly, they bottle it and ship it out.

What I am trying to get at is this.  Filtered tap water is not necessarily “better” than bottled water, because bottled water is filtered tap water.  But, the water companies use way better filtration systems than you are going to find at Lowes, or Home Depot.  So in the long run, you are better off with bottled water than filtered water out of your faucet.  I myself have a well pump, and it has to much iron in it, making the sinks and toilet bowls rust.  So, I refuse to drink it without some kind of filtration system.  I admit, the water from my faucet is just not as refreshing as a bottle of water from a major bottling company. 

However, there are different reasons that filtered tap water may be better than bottled water.  If you are trying to save money for example, than you may be better off with filtered tap water. 

BUT, filtered water out of your faucet is not as filtered as a regular bottle of water from a major company.  So all in all, you are WAY better off with a real bottle of water, than drinking your tap water, even if you have bought a little filter that connects to your faucet, or even a big filter.  Those filters do not filter out as much as a high pressured filtration system such as Dasani uses.  In addition none of the filters you buy at a store ADD anything to your water, they just take OUT the impurities, but they do not add the right amount of minerals to make it taste better and more refreshing.

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