March 2016

Making easy black bean soup

30 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Beans are healthy and tasty too! Bean soups make a great edition to your menu and this is an especially easy and yummy recipe. Add turmeric, Liquid Smoke, and Worcestershire sauce for a subtle but distinct flavor. Both turmeric and cayenne pepper have many health benefits and are also flavorful in any soup or stew. You can add […]

Chicken soup recipe

30 Mar , 2016 Recipes

What a great feeling a person often gets when eating a fresh bowl of chicken soup straight off the stove. Thankfully, making your very own chicken soup is actually tremendously easy. Below, I have explained my chicken soup recipe which is both easy to make and fantastically delicious. Ingredients – 5 Large Chicken Drumsticks– 3 […]

Recipe Jade Soup

29 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Many people think that chilled soups are just for the summer months. However, they can provide a very practical and nutritious meal throughout the year. This recipe for a smooth chilled bean soup fits the bill. In order to make this wonderful pured herbed been soup, you will need the following: 10 oz. packages frozen […]

Cajun Food Cajun Food Gumbo Real Authentic

28 Mar , 2016 Recipes

It echoes throughout the bayous and across the prairies. Its lore is known from the Gulf’s edge to the red dirt of the north. Gumbo is the quintessential Louisiana dish. It is that wonderful one pot dish with a unique flavor. Is it a soup? Yes. Is it a stew? Yes. Is it unlike anything […]


27 Mar , 2016 Recipes

I guess it must be summer if we’re talking about recipes for corn, bean, and tomato salad! There are so many versions of this simple and tasty summer dish. Here is a favorite of mine. Feel free to substitute edamame for the green beans. Corn, Green Bean & Tomato SaladServes: 4 as a light main […]

Greek Potato Salad

27 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Greek potato salad There is nothing quicker, simpler and more economic than making a potato salad. The traditional Greek potato salad consists of a few essential ingredients that are healthy as well as thrifty:  *ingredients -3 large potatoes (remember to choose organically grown potatoes and if there is a dark green spot cut it out!) […]

Spicy lentil soup

26 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Spicy soups are warming in both taste and temperature and one such soup is Spicy Lentil. It is an inexpensive nutritive food packed with protein, dietary fiber, folate and Vitamin B1 and can be enjoyed by vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. If you want a thicker soup, add more lentils. Spicy lentil soup is very simple […]

Greek Peasant Salad

26 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Greek Peasant Salad People around the world have always made use of the ingredients they had in hand. So it is with the Greek people and their cooking. This is why in the Greek peasant salad there are olives, green peppers, tomatoes and feta cheese. By following the recipe below, you need not travel all […]

Greek spiced lentil soup with potatoes and eeks

25 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Lentil soup is an amazing comfort food. This recipe uses Greek inspired spices to make a hearty soup to warm the soul. It adds some non-traditional ingredients like leeks and potatoes to make the soup heartier and suitable as a main dish. Spiced Leek, Potato and Lentil Soup 1 pound of green or brown lentils2 […]

Making Crayfish Louie

24 Mar , 2016 Recipes

There are people who don’t know what crayfish are, others who know what they are but don’t know that they are fantastic to eat and yet others who know that they are tasty, and yet eat them exclusively in soups, stews or gumbos. All of these are missing a terrific fare: Fresh crayfish salad. The […]