Green Urine

15 Dec , 2015 Health

Nothing can be more worrying than something changing with your bodies regular movements, Waking up one morning, going to the bathroom and finding you have green urine. Unfortunately green is associated with sickness it is after all the colour of pus. So one of the first things that runs through your mind when you see green urine is I’m sick, what’s wrong with me. The urine is not normal. It is also a fact of life that anything green within your body or system is normally associated with sickness, hence the phrase when one is sea sick he/she looks green. So seeing green urine or stool can be really frightening.

Green Urine Causes

First things first take some time to think this through, have you eaten anything with a lot of Green colouring in it that could turn your urine green, that is one of the main causes of green urine.

Second Have you eaten a lot of green leafy vegetables that could also turn your urine a different colour. You see there are other causes of green urine.

Green Urine Other Symptoms

Thirdly Have you taken any medication recently, some medication can give you green urine as a side effect.

If you have answered No to the above then all is not lost, apart from green urine do you have any other symptoms like a burning feeling when passing urine or a smelly unpleasant discharge, if so it could be a sign the something is wrong and you will probably have to visit your doctor and have a medical check. Yes it will be embarrassing but the alternative is much worse.

So make the appointment today and visit your doctor and investigate the cause of your Green Urine.

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