Shaking Off Monophobia

5 Mar , 2017 Health

Phobia refers to a fear of something. There are a lot of different phobias and a lot of people suffer from various kinds. One such phobia is monophobia and autophobia. Monophobia refers to an abnormal fear of being alone. This is a very crude definition for this disorder as it encompasses not merely this, but […]

How to Gracefully Dine alone

22 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Dining alone can be almost as traumatic as public speaking for many of us,especially women. The process of preparing to dine alone, at any place other than fast food,is a battle of wills, yours against yours. Visions of what could happen dance before you while you are still deciding where to go and what to […]

How to Flavor Coffee

21 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Every coffee drinker has his or her preferences for flavoring the coffee. Some like it black. Some like it white and sweet. Some like it sweet but not white, or white but not sweet. The traditional ways to flavor coffee are with cream, milk, or non-dairy creamer and sugar or sugar substitute. Every coffee shop […]

How to Benefit by Freezing Water

20 Jun , 2016 Recipes

The idea of freezing water is something that many people may not be familiar with. However, bottling and freezing water is something in which you can benefit from in several ways. Freezing water is a relatively simple thing to accomplish. First take an empty plastic bottle that was once filled with soda or bottled water […]

Holiday Cream Cheese Cookies

19 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

This is a very simple recipe for a different type of cookie that is light and crispy, with a nice flavor, without being too rich or too high in calories.  I first started making these cookies years ago when my children were older and outgrew holiday cutout cookies. Being egg-free, these cookies are good for […]

Homebrewing Beer

19 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Brewing your own beer at home can be an inexpensive hobby that requires only a few essential items.  Most home brew supply shops carry reasonably priced kits containing most of these specialized tools.  Brew pot – Brewing beer is not possible without a home brew pot.  A brew pot is necessary to boil the water, […]

History of Chinese Chicken Salad

18 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

The Case of Chinese Chicken Salad Sylvia Lovegren wrote “Whatever its provenance, Chinese chicken salad, which was all the rage in the mid to late 1970’s, has virtually disappeared from restaurant menus.” (Fashionable Food, 1995, p.109). Today, Chinese chicken salad can be found on the menus of California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Mimi’s Café, Claim […]

Guide to Argentinian Wines

18 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

“By the year 2015, the greatness of Argentinean wines made from the Malbec grape will be understood as a given. This French varietal, which failed so miserably on its home soil in Bordeaux, has reached startling heights of quality in Argentina. Both inexpensive, delicious Malbecs and majestic, profoundly complex ones from high-elevation vineyards are already […]

Health benefits of green tea

17 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

Research into alternative healing foods is flourishing. And in the case of green tea, much has been learned already. Green tea does contain caffeine, in lesser amounts than coffee. So it is applicable for weight loss plus certain antioxidants for heart health. There are also some lesser known, but equally important, benefits of green tea […]

Healthy Spring Cookout Recipes

16 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

This spring forget about the cholesterol-laden cheeseburgers, sidestep the fatty mayonnaise salads, say no to bowls full of chips.  Instead, infuse your cookout with good, and good for you, dishes that pack in nutrition without packing on pounds.  Sparkling Starters  Spring and summer cookouts often involve hot daytime temperatures, especially for the chef who is […]